Utility locates frequently asked questions

 Utility locates frequently asked questions

How long are my marks good for?
Utility location marks are good while visible, but only for 30 days. This means that as long as the marks are not destroyed, you may dig for 30 days with your original marks. If at any point in your project the marks are destroyed, you must cease digging and call 8-1-1 and request re-marks, or if the 30 days have passed and you have not yet finished your digging project, you must call for re-marks.

What do I do if I dig up my marks?
If your location marks get destroyed during your digging project, you must cease all digging and call 8-1-1 to request re-marks.

Do I need to be home to have utility locations performed?
You do not have to be home to have your locations done. However, you must arrange for us to have access to both your front and back yards and animals must be properly contained. If access is a problem, you may set up a specific meet time and date when you call 8-1-1 to have your locates done.

Is there a charge?
There is no charge to have utility locates done.

How far in advance should I call?
You must place your locate request at least three business days prior to digging. Utility owners will respond and mark their lines within two business days not including the day of the actual notice.

What if I am just running stakes in the ground?
Many damages and injuries result from running stakes into service lines. Even if you are only using stakes, you still need to call for locates so that you are aware of where the utility lines enter your home.

What if I hit a utility line?
Please read the section on utility line damages carefully

Do I need to call if I have hired a company or contractor to do the digging at my home?
The person that will actually be digging must be the one to call 8-1-1 and request locates. If you have hired a company or contractor, it is their responsibility to issue the request.

Will the paint harm my grass?
We are very careful as to where they lay the locate paint marks. We do not paint driveways or sidewalks because the paint is permanent; this is why we primarily paint in the grass. Grass and dirt are not harmed by the paint and the paint marks can be easily removed.

How accurate are the locate marks?
Utility lines are within 18 inches of each side of the marks. Exercise caution when digging in this area by hand-digging and exposing utility lines so that you are aware of their actual location and depth.

Which utilities will Colorado Springs Utilities locate at my house?
Our locators locate all utilities that we own, operate and maintain. This includes underground electric, natural gas, water and wastewater.

What if it doesn’t appear that Colorado Springs Utilities has been to my house to perform the locate at the end of the three business day waiting period?
It is possible that no utility lines are present in your specified dig area. If that is the case you will not see paint markings on the ground anywhere. However, the locator will leave a yellow copy of your requested locate sheet stating “no Colorado Springs Utilities lines affected” on a white Springs Utilities flag on the dig site.

If you have questions that are not covered here, please call 448-4800 for assistance.​