Water leak adjustment

Water leak adjustment

To be eligible for the water leak adjustment program, customers must report the leak within 60 days of the bill due date for the billing period when the leak occurred by completing a Water Leak Adjustment Form. Before an adjustment can be made, the leak must be repaired. The water leak must be confirmed by Colorado Springs Utilities and the amount of the leak needs to be determined. After the leak is repaired, submit the online water leak adjustment form. If you are unable to submit online, please download the form and submit by mail or in person.

A maximum of two adjustments per customer can be made in a three-year period. For additional details please see Sheet 16 of our Utilities Rules and Regulations.

Frequently asked questions

What is considered a water leak?
Within the context of the program, a water leak shall be defined as “an unintentional water loss caused by broken or damaged plumbing fixtures, pipes or irrigation equipment at a customer’s residence or non-residential site that results in a customer’s bill(s) being higher than the customer’s typical bill for water services."

What is needed to submit a water leak adjustment?
First, ensure that the source of the leak has been identified and repaired. Because we want to ensure a customer’s bill is not impacted by the same leak in the future, we are unable to adjust for leaks that have not yet been repaired. Shutting off the source of the leak is not considered a repair for the purposes of this program.

Once the leak has been fixed, complete the online Water leak adjustment form, attaching any relevant receipts or invoices. The form must be received within 60 days of the due date of the last bill impacted by the leak.

Is a water leak adjustment right for me?
We can complete two adjustments every three years for a premise. It’s important to consider the size of the leak and possible adjustment amount before submitting an adjustment request. Customers can see daily consumption through the My Usage tool; this will allow the customer to see just how large the leak was compared to typical use.

Below are some general examples of water leak scenarios. The water leak adjustment process is to remove half of the leak usage (based on typical usage) from the impacted bill. The customer will still be billed for half of the leak usage, plus their typical usage.

The examples provided are based on 2014 rates and typical usage will vary by customer.

Small leak
(possible running toilet)
"Typical" water bill​ 1,200 CF​ $111.96
Water bill impacted by leak​ 2,000 CF​ $160.36​
Bill increase from the leak​ 800 CF​ $48.40
Credit to account​ 400 CF​ ($24.20)​
Bill after water leak adjustment​ 1,600 CF​ $136.16​
​Large leak
(possible broken sprinkler)​
"Typical" water bill​ 1,200 CF​ $111.96
Water bill impacted by leak​ 8,000 CF​ $523.36
Bill increase from the leak​​ 6,800 CF​ $411.40​
Credit to account​​ 3,400 CF​ ($205.70)​
Bill after water leak adjustment​​ 4,600 CF​ $317.66
​Very large leak
(possible service line break)​
"Typical" water bill​​ 1,200 CF​ $111.96
Water bill impacted by leak​​ 16,000 CF​ $1,007.36
Bill increase from the leak​​ 14,800 CF​ $895.40​
Credit to account​​ 7,400 CF​ ($447.70)​
Bill after water leak adjustment​​ 8,600 CF​ $559.66