Business water audits

Business water audits

Commercial landscape irrigation audit

Managing your landscape water use may feel like a major task and we understand why. As weather changes, technology improves and rates change, it’s difficult to know how efficiently your system is working. 

To help, we now offer free irrigation audits to help improve your landscape watering efficiency. The audit may include:

  • an on-site inspection,
  • water use history analysis, and
  • detailed report identifying the top water wasters and most effective cost-saving options. 

Our experienced staff will inspect your system and help guide you to a more water efficient landscape. Total time invested by you? Usually an hour. You can continue to work while we dive into the details of your site. Total savings? Priceless. Knowing what you have and if it is working properly is a great relief.

Space is limited so please call to schedule. For information and scheduling, contact Lance Ackerman at 668-4556 or

Pre-rinse spray valve exchange

We provide free, highly efficient pre-rinse spray valves for commercial kitchen dish pits and washing areas. These WaterSense approved models are fast, forceful and tested to perform. You will have the choice of a few models to best suit your needs. 

WaterSense spray valves could save you $500 to $750 per year in total utility costs. Exchange visits last 10 to 20 minutes and work around your schedule. While with you, we will also collect some usage information for benchmarking. Have multiple locations? We can do each site.

For information and scheduling, contact Elizabeth Ritchey at 668-8284 or