Water damage policy

 Water damage policy

Our primary goal is to ensure public safety, so we respond to water damage claims to assess the situation and conduct an investigation concerning the cause of the water damage.

We first inspect our water system within the pipe segment where your property is connected to determine if the cause of the damage is a result of activities on our water system. If we find a cause for the damage on our system, and we are responsible for that activity, we will consider damage claims.

Our Water Damage Policy generally states that we will assist customers for damages caused by verified water damage in our water main line if the customer is not the negligent cause of the water damage. However, a significant amount of damage claims are the result of activities and events on our system over which we have little or no control. Consequently, if the water damage is not the direct result of our activity and is determined to be of a nature beyond our control, we will not entertain a claim for damages.

Maintenance of the water service line, which runs from your home/business to our main line, and damages caused by service line leaks are the customer’s responsibility.

To cover water damages that may occur as a result of activities or events that are not within our control, business customers (including landlords) are expected to carry insurance in an amount sufficient to cover any anticipated loss. Accordingly, business customers, including landlords, are not eligible for water damage voluntary payment in these instances.

Clean up process

There are several local businesses that specialize in water damage clean-up. Because of the potential for mold damage, we recommend the use of a business that specializes in this area. For reference, contact the Better Business Bureau at 719-636-1155.

Claims process

  1. Insurance
    Contact your insurance company to report a water damage claim. Since every policy is different, you will have to contact your agent to see if your damage is covered.
  2. Colorado Springs Utilities (if negligent according to Colorado law)
    Contact our claims department to report a water damage claim.  Under Colorado law, we have legal liability if negligent in the operation and maintenance of the public water facility or if we negligently allow a dangerous condition to exist in the public water facility. The law does not hold us liable if damages were caused by events beyond the reasonable and prudent maintenance of our system or by an Act of Nature, including severe storms and flooding.

If we are legally liable for any part of your claim, you will be asked to submit the following in order to process your claim:

  • proof of your loss
  • proof that your claim is of a reasonable nature to restore your property to the condition prior to the occurrence (this may include multiple estimates for repair)
  • a list of damaged personal property describing the item, age, condition and estimated actual cash value of the property
  • cause of the water damage

If you have any questions, please call the City Risk Management Department at 385-5960.