Wildland fire team

 Wildland fire team

Protecting our community and utilities

The Catamount Wildland Fire Team is comprised of employees from throughout the organization that are trained and equipped to respond as wildland firefighters outside of their normal duties.

Team members are trained (National Wildland Coordinating Group standards) and equipped like other firefighters to respond to wildland fires outside of their normal duties, and they are skilled in fire suppression techniques and practices, including hand line squads, sawyers, dozer operators and overhead team specialists.

The team provides  

  • Initial attack on wildland fires on Colorado Springs Utilities property including watersheds
  • Quick response to fires in the wilidland/urban interface and supports local fire departments
  • Response to wildland fire mutual aid requests

The group is comprised of 50 members that represent all four utilities services -- electric, natural gas, water and wastewater. This provides for infrastructure knowledge on the front line, and expedited service shut off and restoration. There are also five emergency medical technicians on the team.

Safety always comes first with team members, who participate in ongoing safety training, refresher classes and hands-on exercises.​