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Aram Benyamin, CEOFocus on Customers

New CEO Aram Benyamin has four core initiatives for Colorado Springs Utilities.

1. Focus on the customer
2. Deliver quality
3. Commit to community
4. Execute organizational excellence

Learn more about each in our blog.

  • weather stripping

    The change of seasons is upon us!

    As the weather outside turns downright winter like this week, it's a great time to remind everyone about weatherizing your home.

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Coloradans can expect to save $2.10 on their energy bills for every $1 they spend on weatherizing their homes.

    Weather stripping and caulking are effective for sealing air leaks that occur throughout your home. We also offer a rebate for insulation and air sealing upgrades you make to your home.