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Propane air plant takes edge off sub-zero wind chills

Propane Air PlantWhen it gets really cold, we're able to tap into our propane air plant - to augment our natural gas supply.

Having this ability allows us to avoid purchasing more natural gas on the market during peak demand. It also reduces the risk for service disruptions in sub-zero wind chills. Read the blog.

  • Energy Cost Adjustments

    ​City Council approved energy rate decreases that went into effect on Feb. 1. The decreases to the electric and natural gas cost adjustments are a result of lower than expected costs for natural gas and coal this winter.

    • Sample residential customer bills will decrease $4.62 per month, or 2%.
    • Sample commercial customer bills will decrease $86.97 per month, or 6.1%.
    • Sample industrial customer bills will decrease $1,209.72 or 2.9%.

    As a not-for-profit, community-owned utility, we pass changes in fuel costs—up or down—directly on to our customers. Energy costs are variable and driven by price fluctuations in the coal, natural gas and purchase power market.

    Customers can see how individual bills are impacted by the adjustments using our online bill calculator.

  • Tollefson Water Treatment upgrade
    Water Treatment Plant upgrades
    The $30+million upgrade is expected to be finished in 2020.
  • CO alarm
    Carbon monoxide
    Prevent CO poisoning through proper appliance installation, maintenance and use.
  • Man on phone
    You don't have to bundle up to get your bill when you get it electronically!