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Protecting our infrastructure, customers

Monument CreekEarlier this year, a team went out to assess the need for a future project, but what they found was a 42-inch wastewater line next to Monument Creek that was threatened with exposure because of erosion along the bank.

The solution was a 750-foot long wall - about nine feet tall - made up of 600 tons of granite and quartzite boulders. Learn more in our blog.

  • Downtown Colorado Springs

    The Colorado Springs Utilities Board has approved a plan for a new energy future that is cost-effective, resilient and environmentally sustainable.

    Aligned with our Energy Vision, the approved portfolio 17 option achieves 80% carbon reduction and decommissions all coal generation by 2030, including the downtown Martin Drake Power Plant no later than 2023.

    "This a historic decision for the future of our utility and this city," said Utilities Board Chairwoman Jill Gaebler.

    To enable the decommissioning of the Martin Drake Power Plant no later than 2023, temporary natural gas generators will be placed at the site to ensure system reliability. Once new transmission projects are complete in the coming years, generation will no longer be needed in downtown Colorado Springs.