Basics of water wise landscaping

 Basics of water wise landscaping


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With the semi-arid climate and unique soil conditions in our region, xeriscape is a way to save water, time and money in your landscape. Water wise landscapes can be attractive and sustainable. They conserve water, are based on sound horticultural practices, and show evidence of care.


How to create a water wise landscape
Any homeowner can create a beautiful water-smart landscape in their yard. Whether you are converting your existing landscape or starting from scratch, water wise landscaping beautifies, modernizes, and upgrades your home's exterior appearance and adds value to your home.

Rather than referring to the resulting landscape, the term “water-smart landscape” refers to a process of landscaping founded on a set of seven principles. When used together, these principles create a quality, water-efficient landscape that is adapted to the natural environment.

The seven principles are:

  1. Create a water wise plan/design
  2. Evaluate and improve the soil
  3. Create practical turf areas of manageable sizes and shapes
  4. Select plants adapted to our climate and soils, and group them according to water need
  5. Water efficiently
  6. Use mulch to reduce evaporation
  7. Care for the landscape using appropriate landscape maintenance techniques