eBilling emailOur eBill is a secure way to receive and view your bill online. By enrolling in eBilling, you’ll conveniently receive an email each month when your bill is ready for viewing online. Say goodbye to paper bills and hello to convenience and less clutter!

Ready to go paperless? Sign-up is easy, just log in to My Account (top right of this page), select "My Notifications” and check the eBilling box.  While you're there, choose other helpful electronic notifications (email or text) like "Bill due in 5 days" and "Payment has been posted." 

For a totally paperless bill transaction combine eBilling with AutoPay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for eBilling?
Yes! eBilling is available for all customers. You must be the primary account holder to enroll.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is easy!

  1. Login to My Account.
  2. Click on "My Notifications" and select the eBilling button.

Does Colorado Springs Utilities charge for eBilling?
No, eBilling is free!

Do I have to sign up for eBilling to access my account information online or pay my bill online?
No. You can still view your account online without eBilling. Registering for online account management allows you to view your account online, with the option of receiving a paper or electronic bill.

How do I redirect my eBilling notifications to a new email address?
Login to My Account and change your email address. Remember, you are responsible for paying your bill each month, even if you do not receive an email notification.

Will I still receive the monthly newsletter that used to come with my paper bill?
A link to the latest issue is included with your monthly notification.

What if I’m enrolled in AutoPay?
If you are enrolled in AutoPay and opt for eBilling, you will receive an email notification that your current bill is ready for viewing. Nothing with your AutoPay process will change. In fact, eBilling is a perfect complement to AutoPay, as well as Budget Billing.