Deposit/Start up fee

For residential accounts, we generally do not require a deposit unless you have had a previous Colorado Springs Utilities debt that was written off or was including in a bankruptcy filing.

If all services at your address are in service, there is no start-up or connection fee. Fees may apply, however, if it’s necessary for field personnel to turn on one or more services at your address. To start service, please call us at 448-4800 or 800-238-5434.

Returned payment fee

We assess a $30 fee for each returned check, AutoPay or credit/debit card payment.

Late fee

Currently, we do not charge a fee for payments received after the due date. Utility payments are due 14 days from the billing date. Both the billing date and the due date appear on the bill. If you are unable to pay your bill, call our Customer Service Center at 448-4800 or 800-238-5434 as soon as possible to request a payment arrangement. You can also request a payment arrangement through by logging in to My Account.

Trip fee

A $20 field visit fee is assessed when our personnel are required to visit a property related to disconnection. Field personnel do not collect payments. Rather, customers can use our electronic payment options to submit payments to avoid disconnection.

Reconnection fee

If your service has been disconnected because of non-payment, the reconnection fee will be:

  • Normal hours - $30
  • After hours - $40

Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (excluding legally observed holidays).