Landscaping around equipment

 Landscaping around equipment


 Tree Line USA winner


Because we promote the dual goals of reliable utility service and abundant, healthy trees, we are proud to be a Tree Line USA Utility award winner for the 22nd consecutive year. We trim trees growing into power lines and support planting low-growing rather than tall trees under utility lines.

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 Low-growing trees


American Hornbeam
Amur Chokecherry
Amur Corktree
Amur Maple
Bigtooth Maple
Goldenrain tree
Hedge Maple
Japanese Tree Lilac
Pinyon Pine
Rocky Mountain Juniper
Tatarian Maple
Turkish Filbert

Please note that any tree planted on the city easement between the street and sidewalk will require a planting permit from the City Forestry Department.

You may have noticed vaults, switches, transformers and junction boxes – sometimes called green utilities boxes – in your neighborhood or your own front yard. These boxes house high voltage utility equipment and connect our homes to electricity.

Cared for properly, utilities boxes are completely safe. The danger occurs if boxes are tampered with or blocked by landscaping. It's important that boxes are free of materials and objects that prevent ventilation. They need air to keep them cool and working properly, otherwise they can become a fire hazard.

Before landscaping near utilities equipment, check out our detailed landscaping standards. It’s important to allow eight feet of space in front of the green boxes, and two feet of space on each side for landscaping. Avoid covering or surrounding utility boxes with fences, trees, shrubs, firewood and rocks.

Also, beware of open boxes in your area. Although they are locked, over time they can become exposed due to normal wear and tear, vehicle accidents and vandalism. If you notice a green box open or exposed, do not approach it. Open boxes may be energized and could cause injury or death. Call us at 448-4800 and crews will respond.

Encourage your children to stay away from boxes. Due to the energy the boxes produce, they can be hot to the touch, and some may have sharp edges, and exposed bolts or screws.

Tree trimming

Right tree, right place

If you’ve never thought of a tree as unsafe…think again. Depending on where you live, and the maturity of your neighborhood, trees can be dangerous if they grow near power lines.

Because trees conduct electricity, choose ones that are right for your yard. Not only does choosing the right trees prevent the risk of fire, injury or death, it decreases tree trimming costs.

Call us at 448-4800 for a free tree and utility safety inspection. Line clearance tree trimming will be arranged at no cost to the customer if it is determined that tree limbs are encroaching or threatening the power lines.