My Usage frequently asked questions

 My Usage frequently asked questions

Why does the information provided in My Usage not match my bill?
My Usage is a management tool built to display daily consumption not billing information. We make every effort to obtain reads daily for every meter in our service territory, conditions such as noise interference, network problems, equipment issues, or other problems may occur. Occasionally this may mean that our billing system estimates the billing read but estimating is not used within the My Usage consumption management tool.

Why is there a large increase or decrease in my normal usage?
Experiencing a change in consumption is normal for most customers and is usually explained by weather, appliance behavior, or similar changes within the property. Occasionally, a large spike or drop in consumption can happen if the timing of your daily read fluctuates. Hovering your mouse over a graphed measurement will provide you the time and date the reads were obtained. Generally, a reading comes in near midnight. If a read comes in at a different time this may skew your history, displaying less consumption on one day and placing the usage on the following day.

Why do I see zeros in My Usage when I know I am using service?
If a read is unavailable, My Usage will not estimate your usage and will put a zero (0) in its place. It is common for wireless meter data to miss a day or two. We monitor the network continuously, and will troubleshoot the situation if your meter misses more than a few days.

How soon can I see my usage?
The previous day’s usage is available for graphing every afternoon. Therefore, the utility services used today are available to be seen tomorrow afternoon (usually after 3 p.m.).

Is there a charge for My Usage?
No there is no charge to access the My Usage information.

Are there any eligibility requirements?
You will need to have active utility service, automated meters and be registered in My Account. Nearly all our meters are equipped to provide My Usage data.

My usage went down why didn’t my bill?
Continued focus on conservation can help you manage your bill better, however, there are parts to a bill that are fixed. Check out the Why is my bill so high page for more information.

How does the weather affect my usage?
Weather plays a vital role in your daily usage. During extreme weather conditions, you may be more likely to decrease the temperature on your cooling unit or increase the temperature on your furnace. This will cause those systems to work much harder to cool or heat your home, thus increasing the electric and gas usage. 

What time of day are the reads entered?
Reads typically come in just before midnight. If a read cannot be obtained because of noise interference, network problems, equipment issues, or other problems, the system will continue trying to pull a read until 3 a.m. before it fails for that day.

Why is my wastewater usage not displayed?
Wastewater is not a metered service and therefore unable to be graphed.

I have multiple meters for one service, how do I distinguish them?
The meter number listed in My Usage and is on your bill; this will help identify the meter you are looking for. Meter numbers can also be found on the meters themselves.

How do I pull information for my bill dates in My Usage?
In order to match up bill dates with My Usage dates, start with the day after the bill date. Always add one day to the start date of the bill. For example – Bill dates 10/24 -11/27; dates to be chosen in my usage are 10/25-11/27. This is because accounts are billed by subtracting the starting read from the ending read to determine the usage. My Usage adds the consumption from each date to determine the total. The period on your bill is usage between the dates. Reminder, My Usage is a utility management tool built to display daily consumption not billing information.

Why can't I see consumption before a certain date?
Consumption graphs are based on the active utility services in your name at a specific property. If usage prior to a certain date is not showing, it could mean several things. The utility services at that property were not in your name prior to the date shown, a meter exchange was completed on that date, or a significant change occurred to your utility account (a rate, name, or billing change, etc.).

How can I display different graphs?
Currently we do not offer other graphing options. Exporting your data is available by selecting the Download Spreadsheet File button. This option allows you to use additional graphing capabilities within your chosen system.

I selected a hyperlink on the site and now I cannot find My Usage?
Selecting hyperlinks from the My Usage site will open an additional browser window for your convenience. The My Usage window should remain open, but may be hidden behind the new window. This feature allows you to learn more about conservation while keeping your consumption available to view. Some sites are hosted by our third party vendors and may require you to register and login to their site for more detailed information.

Why will the graph not display?
Verify the account number, service, and date range are all correct. Click on the Show My Usage icon to initiate the request, hitting enter may not initiate the request appropriately. If your consumption is still not graphing, please review for the following error messages:

  • No Usage Data Available: Your meter did not report any data for the date range you selected. While we attempt to obtain reads daily for every meter in our service territory, conditions such as noise interference, network problems, equipment issues, or other problems may occur. We proactively monitor reads and the network to quickly identify and resolve these problems; however, at times it can take up to a few weeks. Please keep this in mind when reviewing your meter consumption data.
  • Error Retrieving Account Information: We may have encountered an error in our systems. Please wait a few minutes and try again.
    If you are still experiencing problems, your meter may not be supported under My Usage tool. If you have chosen to opt out of our advanced metering technology, have summary billing, selected a totalized meter, or have a unique metering system at your property, My Usage may be unable to display your consumption.

Complex metering
While we make every effort to offer a consistent and valuable tool for our customers, some metering is more complex and in depth than others. We are currently offering consumption data for meters that offer daily reads and for meters that provide interval data.