• A report prepared for the American Public Power Association offers a smart city roadmap for public power utilities to consider and details risks for public power utilities that sit on the sidelines and do not actively engage in smart city conversations.

  • A growing number of electric utilities across the nation unilaterally have announced ambitious targets for carbon reductions in line with science-based goals and the international commitments made under the Paris Agreement. Colorado Springs Utilities, serving a military town, announced a plan to provide over 20 percent of its energy from solar projects by 2024.

  • Many Security, Widefield and Fountain residents have extremely high levels of toxic chemicals in their bodies compared with other Americans, apparently from drinking water contaminated by firefighting foam used for decades at Peterson Air Force Base, according to a first-of-its-kind study released Thursday.

  • “Change the Current” is a good plan for our Utilities, but let’s go one further. Why doesn’t the utility get the big-box companies to bring in more solar Christmas lights? I buy them and now 2/3 of my decorations are solar. They use no electricity and turn themselves off and on.

  • Even before the U.S. Olympic Museum began to rise, city planners eyed Vermijo Street as an area that could be much more than it is. The 2016 Experience Downtown Master Plan envisioned Vermijo as a “signature street."

'Tis the season...for water main breaksNew

While this may be “the hap-happiest season of all,” dealing with traffic issues can really put that phrase to the test. After all, we’ve got parties for hosting, marshmallows for...

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Creating your own weather

​Some say weather affects their mood. I believe that we can create our own weather – like having a sunny attitude on a cloudy day.  In the utilities business, though,...

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Utilities Board seeks customer input

Colorado Springs is fortunate to operate its own community-owned utility. This means that our customers have a say in how their utility operates and plans to provide service in the...

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Give thanks and get deals

​It's that time of the year where we give thanks for what we have, and then get some more!   With the discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it's the perfect...

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A Water Win-Win

​Water news from the Arkansas Valley yesterday is a win-win.  A win for farmers and a win for city-dwellers. Late Wednesday, the Fort Lyon Canal Company (FLCC) Board approved to allow...

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