Smart grid foundation

Smart grid foundation


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The smart grid is the combination of information and operational systems applied to the electric grid that result in smart choices for customers and improved security, reliability and efficiency for the utility. We're using similar concepts related to the electric grid transmission and distribution, automation, and communications, to lay the foundation for a multi-service smart grid for our community.

Our vision for a multi-service smart grid is one that will deliver tangible value and results for ratepayers. By integrating existing and emerging technologies, the multi-service smart grid will improve system design and operation, and enhance utilities service reliability and availability. Customers will have access to timely information that allows them to use precious energy and water resources more efficiently.

We are committed to delivering the multi-service smart grid at a steady, yet measured pace, and will ensure financial returns and customer value for every dollar spent.

Guiding principles

  • Evolve from existing systems
  • Understand the value to the organization and customers
  • Understand this has never been done before
  • Clear and frequent communication
  • Do what we know best - focus on core business functions and processes
  • Learn from others