Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Our Strategic Plan is an integral tool to guide us toward sustaining fiscal responsibility, planning for long term risks, and identifying opportunities to attract, retain and satisfy our valued customers.

A sound plan puts us all on the same page so that our work is focused, productive, effective and allows us to deliver on our mission: “to provide safe, reliable, competitively-priced electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services to the customers of Colorado Springs Utilities.”

Our mission, vision, values, and strategic destination are foundational to the planning process.

In the annual review and update of our Strategic Plan, we:

  • Analyze regulatory and legislative drivers
  • Evaluate customer expectations
  • Assess risks to the organization and community
  • Integrate resource planning and robust conversation
  • Communicate and cascade strategic planning principles to plan, finance, and fund budget and annual operating plan components

Success of our Strategic Plan is measured several ways:

  • Leadership – monthly review & staff communications on performance, opportunities, challenges
  • Executive Leadership Team - monthly scorecard review of financial & performance metrics
  • Utilities Board - quarterly review of CEO accountability reports on organizational performance

Our bottom line for success means we can:

  • Achieve the mission
  • Reach the strategic destination
  • Sustain financial performance
  • Deliver reliable utilities