Transmission lines

Transmission lines

We proactively repair and upgrade our electric transmission and distribution system to exceed standards of safety and reliability.

In all, we have:

  • 232 miles of electric transmission lines (like driving from Colorado Springs to Steamboat Springs)
  • 3,315.7 miles of electric distribution lines (like driving from Colorado Springs to Washington, D.C. and back!)

Transmission lines, carried on 65 foot to 100 foot tall metal or wooden structures, transport high voltage electricity from power plants, between substations and to regional interconnections. Our electric transmission system contains both 115,000 and 230,000 volt (also called 115kV and 230kV) lines.

Distribution lines, ranging from 4kV to 34kV, are the connection between the substations and the individual customer. These lines are either strung or buried in neighborhoods and along city streets. A series of taps and equipment result in service lines that provide power to residential and commercial customers for their homes and businesses.

In addition to maintaining high standards of reliability performance, we also comply with local, state and federal regulations that include the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), which oversees bulk power transmission reliability and adequacy, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which regulates interstate transmission of natural gas, oil and electricity.