Utility locates frequently asked questions

 Utility locates frequently asked questions

How long are my marks valid?
Utility location marks are good while visible but only for 30 days. This means that as long as the marks are protected and not destroyed, you may dig for 30 days with your original marks. If at any point in your project the marks are destroyed, you must cease digging and call COLORADO 811 and request re-marks. If the 30 days have passed and you have not yet finished your digging project, you must call for re-marks.

What if my marks are destroyed?
The best way to avoid this is to protect your marks. However, if your location marks get destroyed during your digging project, you must stop all digging and call COLORADO 811 to request re-marks.

Is there a charge?
There is no charge to have utility lines located.

How far in advance should I call?
You must place your locate request at least three business days prior to digging. We will respond and mark our lines within two business days, not including the day of the actual request.

What if I am just running stakes in the ground?
Many damages and injuries result from running stakes into service lines. If you are only using stakes you still need to call for locates so that you are aware of where the utility lines are located.

What if I damage a utility line?
Please read the section on utility line damages carefully. Avoid hitting lines at all cost but, if you do hit one, be sure to follow the directions on the document(s) supplied when lines are marked.

What if a subcontractor is working for me?
The person that will actually be doing the digging must be the one to call COLORADO 811 and request locates. If you have hired subcontractors, it is their responsibility to issue the request for the dig site. You may not call in requests for them.

How accurate are the locate marks?
Utility lines are within 18 inches of each side of the marks. If digging within 18 inches of the marks, you must pot hole and expose utility lines so that you are aware of their location and depth.

What if it doesn’t appear that Colorado Springs Utilities has performed the locate at the end of the three business day waiting period?
It is possible that no utility lines are present in your specified dig area. If that is the case, you will not see paint markings on the ground anywhere. However, you may check the status of your locate request at colorado811.org or by calling 719-668-7205.

I need a specific area located but there is no address, how do I get proper locates?
The best thing to do is pre-mark your dig area with white flags or paint. Otherwise, request a meet locate through Colorado 811.

What are requirements regarding pot holing?
Each utility line must be pot holed and exposed and identified as the correct utility before crossing over, under or paralleling within 18 inches. The pothole needs to be where the excavation is going to cross the utility. If utility lines are not found on or within 18 inches of either side of the marks while exposing before excavation, Springs Utilities must be notified at 448-4800 to help determine the correct location.

How large of an area can I specify on my locate ticket?
Colorado Springs Utilities would be happy to locate any area in which you will be digging, no matter how large. However, in order to fulfill all customer requests, any project covering more than 600 feet or requiring more than one hour will be classified as a “continuous project.” A schedule will be worked out between the locator and excavator.

What are the depths of utility lines?
Colorado Springs Utilities does not guarantee depths on any utility lines. At the time of installation all lines are inspected and comply with codes. However, grade may be changed as a result of construction.

What if my project extends outside of my original specified dig area?
In the event that you need to dig outside of your original dig area, you must contact COLORADO 811 to request locates for the new area in which you plan to dig. You also must wait two business days not including the actual day of the call for utility owners to respond.

If you have questions, call 448-4800 for assistance.​