• outdoor watering

    The outdoor irrigation season is upon us! If you haven't already, you'll soon fire up the sprinkler system and get your lawn and landscape looking beautiful.

    Naturally, this is also the start of a dramatic increase in outdoor water use and, therefore, water bills. How can you keep tabs on how much you're using between bills? My Usage.

    With our convenient online My Usage tool, you can review graphs of your water use. For a comparison, you can even set it to show you how your use compares to the same time last year.

    By knowing how much you use on a daily basis, you can make decisions on ways to reduce your consumption and, ultimately, your bill.

Safety Tips
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly
    Backflow prevention
    State and local regulations require businesses to test assemblies annually.
  • Pay by phone
    Fast Track is a convenient new payment option for those who like to pay by phone.
  • outdoor sprinkler
    Budget Billing
    Spread the annual summer outdoor water use spike in your bill throughout the year.
Save Now!
  • Energy Vision
    Energy vision
    Our Energy Vision will be our guiding principle as we develop our energy future.
  • solar energy
    Solar energy
    Two new utility-scale solar projects are coming soon!
  • crystal reservoir
    North Slope Dam Maintenance
    We're preparing for maintenance at Crystal Reservoir dam. Emergency fish salvage begins May 1.