Pick my payment date

 Pick my payment date

calendarWe understand how challenging it can be to balance your monthly expenses. Our Pick My Payment Date program offers a convenient solution allowing you the flexibility to choose a due date that works best for you. It’s your choice, it’s free, and signing up is easy!

Many customers will benefit from this program including those receiving fixed social security or retirement benefits, employees who are paid monthly, or anyone wanting to better manage their budget.


  • You choose a monthly due date between the 1st and the 28th.
  • The due date you select becomes the new date your payment is due.
  • Both residential and commercial customers can participate.

Things to Note

  • You may change your due date once per year.
  • Your first bill may include fewer or more days than anticipated.
  • Combine Pick My Payment Date with AutoPay, eBilling, and Budget Billing to make managing your bills even easier.

Call 448-4800 or 800-238-5434 today to pick your payment date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will choosing a new due date change the day my meter is read?
Yes. Changing your due date changes your meter reading cycle.

When does my new due date take effect?
The new due date applies to the first bill that occurs after the new due date is chosen.  Pick My Payment Date does not apply to previous or existing bills.

What happens if the due date falls on a public holiday or weekend?
Your payment is due on the day you choose, regardless if it falls on a public holiday or weekend.  However, if you are also enrolled in AutoPay, your payment will be debited from your account on the next business day.

Can I sign up if I'm currently on a payment plan or have an outstanding balance?
Yes, enrollment in Pick My Payment Date is open to all customers.

Who is eligible for Pick My Payment Date?
Residential and commercial customers are eligible for Pick My Payment Date. At this time, we are not able to offer the program to landlords with Landlord Agreements on their accounts; however, tenants are eligible.

How often can I change my payment due date?
Customers are allowed to change their due date once per year.

How does my new due date affect my AutoPay payment?
Once your new cycle has billed, your payment will be automatically deducted on your new due date. If your due date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment will be deducted on the next business day.

Does changing my due date impact the number of days included in my bill?
Your first bill on the new due date may include fewer or more days than a regular cycle. We are unable to change a due date if the first bill after the change is less than 5 days.

How does my new due date affect my Budget Billing?
If your first month’s bill is shorter than 25 days or longer than 35 days, the bill will normalize to a per day charge.

What happens if I need to transfer services to a new address?
Your chosen due date stays with the account and transfers with you. However, if a new account is created, you will need to re-enroll.

Can I switch back to my previous billing cycle?
You can change back to your original billing cycle by simply calling us at (719) 448-4800 or visiting our Customer Service Center Lobby at 111 S. Cascade Ave.