Water wonders: Water cycle, weather & water conservation

 Water wonders: Water cycle, weather & water conservation

2nd - 5th grade students

Water Wonders: Water Cycle, Weather & Water ConservationAn assembly-style presentation that involves students in active demonstrations while they learn about fresh water on earth, water cycle processes, cloud formation and water conservation.

Grade specific emphasis:

2nd Grade – Weather and how people depend on their environment
3rd Grade – States of matter
4th Grade – Ecosystems, water conservation
5th Grade – Weather conditions, drought and the water cycle

The presentation lasts 50 minutes with a minimum group size of 50 and a maximum of 250 students. Ideally this program is presented to all grade-level classes in one session as an assembly. Whole school assemblies are encouraged. We suggest grouping 2nd and 3rd grades for one assembly, and 4th and 5th grades for another so content can be customized to learning levels and objectives.

Review complete program outline and program alignment with Colorado Department of Education Academic Standards.

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