Backflow prevention

 Backflow prevention

We are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable water service. One way we do that is by assisting our commercial customers in preventing the backflow of contaminants into our water distribution system. 

What is backflow?
Backflow occurs when water flowing to a facility reverses direction and flows backward toward the water distribution system. Depending on the activities and hazards at the facility, this reverse flow of water may introduce pollutants or contaminants into the water system.

How you can help
To protect against backflow, state and local regulations require businesses and multi-family dwellings to have a feature known as backflow prevention assemblies connected to their plumbing systems.

Responsibility of business
Installation and testing of the backflow prevention assemblies is the responsibility of individual businesses, but we are committed to working with businesses during this process.

Testing required annually
These backflow prevention assemblies must be approved and tested annually. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requires that we collect information regarding the assemblies’ installation and function. As part of that process, our field personnel are visiting businesses to update our records and provide information.