Backflow prevention

 Backflow prevention

Annual Testing Due October 1, 2019

Annual testing records for all customers with a Utilities tracked backflow prevention assembly are due no later than October 1, 2019. If we do not receive test results on or before this date, customers will be placed in an enforcement process. Notices of Violation will be mailed to customers on or after October 4, 2019. Once a Notice of Violation is sent, the customer has 20 days from the letter date to submit test results. If test results are not received by this date, an Imminent Hazard Order will be delivered to the customer and owner. The customer and/or owner has 10 days after the date of the Imminent Hazard Order to come into compliance before water service will be suspended.

Irrigation systems must be tested each year prior to winterizing. Starting in 2019, irrigation customers will not be given an extension to test and any irrigation water service suspended as a result of non-compliance will not be returned to service until testing is scheduled.

We will mail annual test reminder letters in August to all customers whose backflow prevention assembly test results have not been received. Additionally, customers will receive a reminder phone call in September advising them to contact their testing contractor to submit results or to schedule testing.

View a list of testers registered with Colorado Spring Utilities. Please note: this list is not a ranking or endorsement of the companies by Colorado Springs Utilities. Utilities is not liable for any customers decision to select a specific tester or for the consequence of their selection.