Backflow prevention

 Backflow prevention

Testing records for all customers with a backflow prevention assembly were due on October 1, 2019.

Approximately 15 percent of our customers with backflow assemblies are now overdue for submitting test results, and state law requires us to take enforcement action to meet the 100 percent testing requirement. For those not yet in compliance, our staff will hand-deliver Imminent Hazard Orders on or after Jan. 9, 2020. 

Once an Imminent Hazard Order is delivered, the customer has 10 days to submit test results. If test results are not entered into the online system on or before the deadline, per City Code, water service must be suspended until test results are received.

Test irrigation backflow before winterizing
Backflow assemblies on irrigation systems must be tested each year. If you have already winterized your irrigation system, you must recharge the system for testing.  Failure to comply with testing requirements ultimately results in interruption of water service. Service will not be reinstated until irrigation backflow assemblies have been tested and the results entered into the online system.

ProPress fittings are not permitted
ProPress fittings are not permitted within the meter loop or the backflow assembly installation. Backflow assemblies must be located immediately after the water meter and must be sweated, threaded or flanged. In some instances, Utilities allows isolation where the backflow assembly is constructed in the building protecting a single hazard.  In this instance, the backflow assembly must be sweated, threaded or flanged.

Biannual meeting for testers and plumbers set for February
Colorado Springs Utilities will be hosting the Biannual Backflow Tester and Plumber meeting in February 2020. Topics for discussion will include:
  • Increasing annual testing compliance
  • Overview of plan review process
  • Review of Enforcement Process
  • Fire Department Review Process
  • Emerging issues
Invitations for the meeting will be sent in January.  If you have any suggested topics, please email the backflow prevention team at

View a list of testers registered with Colorado Spring Utilities. Please note: this list is not a ranking or endorsement of the companies by Colorado Springs Utilities. Utilities is not liable for any customers decision to select a specific tester or for the consequence of their selection.