Dam safety

 Dam safety

​Dams are a critical part of our nation’s infrastructure, and we all enjoy the benefits they provide, including flood protection, water supply, hydropower, irrigation and recreation.

We own and operate 25 earthen and rock-fill reservoirs as part of our water storage and delivery system. These reservoirs are vitally important in our overall water resource plan to continue delivering safe, reliable and high-quality water to local homes and businesses.

While dams are very safe and well maintained, there are risks associated with dams. While we can never eliminate all risks, we can take proactive steps to identify and minimize risk, including:

  • daily surveillance
  • regular maintenance
  • emergency planning
  • annual surveying
  • improvement projects

Rampart Dam, nestled just northwest of the Air Force Academy, is our largest dam and has the potential to impact the most people if in the unlikely event it were significantly breached.

Residents living along Monument creek from the Air Force Academy, south to its confluence with Fountain Creek should be aware that if a Rampart Dam breach occurred residents would need to take quick action if instructed by the emergency notification system to evacuate the area. This is a very unlikely scenario as planning, preparing and safety is our top priority.