Energy vision

 Energy vision

Creating a new Energy Vision

As the industry transforms, we are on the brink of creating a new energy landscape with the community we serve. We are setting forth on developing an Energy Vision that proactively and responsibly takes on challenges never seen before in the industry.

Our new Energy Vision will be our guiding principle as we develop our energy future. One that:

  • Builds safe and resilient systems 
  • Maintains competitive rates
  • Supports clean energy and transportation
  • Empowers energy choice
  • Promotes responsible energy use
  • Drives economic development

As we develop this new vision, we'd like to know your thoughts. We offer numerous ways for you to learn more and to provide input. 

Customers are welcome to provide input at the monthly Utilities Policy Advisory Committee meetings and at our Open House.

A public survey will soon be made available for all to provide feedback.

Energy Vision Open House
Thursday, April 18 at 6 p.m.
Leon Young Service Center
1521 Hancock Expressway

Come learn about the transforming energy landscape and weigh in on our draft Energy Vision that will allow us to better serve you by thinking differently, become more creative and embrace new technology.


Current Energy Vision

By 2020:

We will provide 20 percent of our total electric energy through renewable sources with 1 percent from distributed generation sources. Renewable energy goals will be achieved with a maximum bill impact of 1 percent.

We will help customers reduce their electric energy use by 12 percent and reduce electric demand by 12 percent. Reduction goals will be achieved with a maximum bill impact of 2 percent.

Renewable energy goals
In our diverse generation portfolio, 11 percent of our generation is from carbon-free sources.

Efficiency goals
Why is efficiency so important? The least expensive electron is the one you don’t use. By reducing our community’s electric consumption, we can delay the need for new energy sources and reduce the use of natural resources. This goal can be achieved through: