Homebuyer Landscape Education Program

 Homebuyer Landscape Education Program

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The Homebuyer Water Wise Landscape Class will introduce you to the most essential ways to make smart, long-lasting changes to your landscape. We'll help you learn about the process of creating a low-maintenance, water wise landscape, how to avoid common pitfalls and the resources we offer to help you. After the class, attendees receive a Water Smart Plant Coupon ($100) that can be used to help purchase water wise trees and shrubs at local nuseries.

Purchasing a home is an exciting time to consider changes to your landscape. We can help you make long-lasting improvements that keep your water bill manageable and your landscape enjoyable. Our educational resources and rebates will ensure you get the most from your landscape investments, no matter how big or small your project.

By attending the class you'll learn how to make the best landscape choices to fit your lifestyle and budget and improvement the overall enjoyment and value of your home.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Click on date to register for a class: June 29 and July 13.
  2. Attend the class to receive the coupon.
  3. Shop for a water wise tree or shrub at a designated local nursery.

When you purchase water-wise trees and shrubs at a designated local nursery, your purchase amount will be discounted by the value of the coupon. There are 20 trees and 20 shrubs for you to choose from on our Approved Species List.

This program is intended to assist people who have purchased a home from 2016 onward. To be eligible to receive a coupon, you must attend the class and be a Colorado Springs Utilities water customer at your primary residence

Please read the terms and conditions to learn more.