Tiered water rates

 Tiered water rates


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Your water bill is a reflection of your water use. Keep track of your daily water use and find ways to save by using the My Usage tool. Log in using the blue box on the right.

 Recommended water days per week

​Tiers Monthly Use Inside City cost ​Outside City cost
​Tier I ​Up to 999 cf ​$0.0415 per cf ​$0.0623 per cf
​Tier II ​1,000 cf to 2,499 cf ​$0.0647 per cf ​$0.0971 per cf​
​Tier III ​2,500 cf or more $​0.0976 per cf ​$0.1464 per cf​

cf = cubic feet
One cf = 7.48 gallons