2016 preliminary rate projections

 2016 preliminary rate projections

1 percent increase preliminarily projected for residential customers in 2016

Over the last 10 years we have worked to put our utility in a good position to provide safe, reliable and competitively priced utility services for our customers. Through effective planning, optimization of the workforce and leveraging new technologies, we are doing more with less to keep rates as low as possible for our customers.

According to the 2016 preliminary rates and fuel cost adjustments that were presented at the July Utilities Board meeting, residential customers are looking at a 1 percent increase respectively on their monthly bills. These rates and fuel cost adjustments are not expected to be finalized until the Dec. 8 City Council meeting.

Additional funds are required to maintain a reliable water distribution system and fund the completion of the Southern Delivery System. Investments are also required in electric to add renewable energy and continue installation of emissions control projects at our power plants. These projects will significantly reduce sulfur dioxide emissions, meaning cleaner air for Colorado.

Pre-filing preliminary base rate and fuel cost adjustments:
Typical 4-service residential customer monthly bill: $2.04, or 1 percent increase

  • Electric: $1.72, or 2.3 percent increase
  • Natural gas: $2.22, or 5.2 percent decrease
  • Water: $2.55, or 4.5 percent increase
  • Wastewater: no proposed change

Preliminary rate case schedule

  • Rate case filing - September 22 City Council meeting
  • Rates presentation - November 18 Utilities Board meeting
  • Public rate hearing - November 24 City Council meeting
  • Rate case decision - December 8 City Council meeting
  • If approved, the new rates would be effective January 1, 2016.