Water quality

 Water quality

glass of waterWe’re fortunate to have one of the finest sources of drinking water in the nation…the Rocky Mountains. Most of our water comes directly from high country snowmelt, which means we are primarily first-time users of the water.

We take water quality very seriously. Our laboratory is state certified with state-of-the art instrumentation. In support of regulatory compliance, we operate 365 days a year, collecting and analyzing more than 12,000 samples annually. In addition to sample collection and analysis, our lab monitors water distribution infrastructure, post chlorination stations, online water quality instrumentation, mainline disinfection and answers customer questions about water quality.

Our laboratory staff monitors your drinking water for quality, conducting 400 tests per month. We know that each time you turn on your tap, the quality is what matters most. And nothing is more important than your health.

Our annual water quality report is prepared and distributed to customers in accordance with federal and state regulations of the Safe Drinking Water Act, and more importantly, because we feel our customers have the right to know the quality of their drinking water.

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