Builder Incentive Program

Builder Incentive Program


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Our Builder Incentive Program is designed to encourage Colorado Springs homebuilders to construct homes with efficiency beyond that required by the current building code.

Builders may incur upfront costs to integrate energy-efficiency measures in their building practices, and will need to contract for a third-party Home Energy Rating Score (HERS) certification. Colorado Springs Utilities Builder Incentive Program is intended to partially offset these costs. Qualified homes are eligible for energy incentives beginning at $500 per home at a HERS 60, with each HERS point reduction providing a further $25 incentive.

A bonus $350 incentive is also available to those homes that are certified to meet ENERGY STAR, National Green Building Standard (NGBS), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or Passive House, one bonus per home.

Interested homebuilders are encouraged to get the details and apply or call 448-4800 for more information. Incentives are not available to home buyers.

Benefits and features of owning a high-performance home

The high-performing homes concept evolved out of the U.S. Department of Energy's Building America program, which takes a systems approach to building design and construction. High-performing homes incorporate commercially available, advanced technologies, such as

  • high-efficiency furnaces and air-conditioners;
  • low-e windows;
  • energy-efficient lighting and appliances;
  • right-sized heating and cooling systems;
  • improved duct design;
  • higher-performing insulation, air sealing and duct sealing;
  • high-efficiency, high-performance WaterSense toilets, showerheads, and faucets;
  • efficient hot water delivery systems
  • quality controlled ventilation; and
  • water-efficient landscapes.

Program goals

The Builder Incentive Program was launched with the following objectives:

  • Help individual customers save money on their utility bills
  • Contribute to Colorado Springs Utilities’ energy and water conservation goals
  • Benefit the community by deferring expensive infrastructure projects
  • Support an emerging market for high-performance homes
  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship

Participating Builders


# Rebates​

Above Code
Total Yearly
kWh Saved​
Total Yearly
​CCF Saved​
Oakwood Homes 143 63%​ 31,201 21,053
​Covington Homes 43​​ ​63% ​2,427 ​7,399
​Keller Homes ​91 ​60% ​5,751 18,137
​David Weekly Homes 27 ​61% ​21 1,869 ​5,174
​Gray Homes ​6 ​53% 1,549 2,213
​Saddletree Homes ​3 ​64% ​37 ​443
Vantage Homes 17​ ​58% ​4 559 ​4,368
​Gold Hill Mesa 30 ​56% 2,241 5,330
​Classic Homes ​156 ​62% 23,761 24,450
​Vanguard Homes 18 ​55% ​2,869 ​5,904
​Creekstone Homes ​12 ​55% 10 1,198 ​3,915
​Sage Meadow Townhomes ​11 ​58% 805 ​2,040
​Carleton 3 ​66% ​199 362
​Adamo Homes 7 ​57% 791 1,884
​Century Communities ​9 ​60% ​352 ​1,561
​Challenger Homes ​76 ​60% ​2 ​4,386 ​13,424
​Cumulative 2019 data as of 12/1/2019


# Rebates: Number of qualified homes submitted for rebates.
Ave HERS: The average score of all the builders' qualified homes.
Above Code Certificates: The number of homes the builder achieved Energy Star for New Homes, LEED, etc.
Total yearly saved: The calculated savings for all qualified homes.