Classes & events

 Classes & events

We offer classes with experienced instructors to help you make the best use of your utilities resources.

Free Water Wise Landscape classes

There is no charge for classes, however, reservations are required. To register, call 719-668-8232 or click the hyperlink on the class listing below and complete registration. If a class is full, send an email to to receive a link to a recorded version. It will be available several days after the class date.

All classes are held at our Conservation and Environmental Center, 2855 Mesa Road, home of our beautiful Water Wise Demonstration Garden. For more information, call 719-668-8232.

2019 Class Schedule
Class descriptions are listed below the schedule.

April 17 Landscaping How-To - FULL ​​6 to 7:30 p.m.
​April 20 Drip Irrigation DIY - FULL ​​9 to 10:30 a.m.
​April 24 Firewise Landscaping ​6 to 7 p.m.
​April 27 Blue Grama and Buffalograss Lawns - FULL ​9 to 10:30 a.m.
​May 4 Water Wise Landscape Design ​9 to 10:30 a.m.
​May 8 Winning Against Weeds 6 to 7:30 p.m.
May 15 Plant Select: Smart Plants for the Right Places - FULL 6 to 7 p.m.
​May 22 Outstanding Water Wise Plant Combos - FULL 6 to 7:30 p.m.
​May 25 Habitat Heroes: Wildscaping 101 ​​​9 to 10:30 a.m.
​June 22 ​Efficiency Expo Open House (no registration required) ​9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
​July 17 Tour of Tough Plants ​5 to 6 p.m.
​August 7 Tour of Tough Plants ​5 to 6 p.m.

Spring Lawn Care
Catherine Moravec, Horticulturist, Colorado Springs Utilities
Early spring is a critical time to care for your lawn. But don’t just copy what your neighbors are doing - learn the right way to prevent common lawn care problems and have the best looking grass on the block! We’ll also discuss watering, fertilizing, aerating and mowing. Investing in smart spring lawn care tasks will help you grow a thick healthy lawn you can enjoy all summer.

Spring Cleanup
Lance Ackerman, Horticulture Staff, Colorado Springs Utilities
Spring is here! Learn which plants to cut back, how to do it and when. We’ll cover common spring cleanup tasks with an emphasis on water-wise perennials, groundcovers, ornamental grasses and basic shrub pruning.

Water Wise Landscape Design
Lisa Pace, Landscape Designer and Water Conservation Specialist, Colorado Springs Utilities
Learn how to create a successful water wise landscape design that works for you. Learn how to analyze your current landscape, determine what you need from your new landscape and how to get it on paper. Learn what to consider for a functional, sustainable and beautiful yard.

Landscaping How- To
Lance Ackerman, Horticulture Staff, Colorado Springs Utilities
Now that you have a yard project in mind, where do you start? Learn how the experts do it, from choosing durable materials, removing existing vegetation, preparing thesoil and installing hardscape, mulching and planting.

Drip Irrigation Do-It-Yourself
Steve Loy, Colorado Master Gardener, Sun Maintenance Service, Inc.
A mixture of lecture and hands-on activities, we'll cover the advantages of drip irrigation, choices of components, how to design a system, and guidelines to provide the right amount of water to your plants.

Firewise Landscaping
Ashley Whitworth, Education Outreach & Program Coordinator, Colorado Springs Fire Department (CSFD)
Do you live in the foothills or grasslands of Colorado Springs? Are you interested in a firewise ladnscape? Learn the design elements of a firewise landscape, selection of firewise and water wise plant material and resources/fact sheets available from CSFD and Colorado Springs Utilities.

Blue Grama and Buffalograss Lawns
Catherine Moravec, Horticulturist, Colorado Springs Utilities
Tired of your Kentucky bluegrass lawn? Come learn what other grass options exist for a water wise yard, and which one is best for you. Learn what's required to prepare a site, then install and maintain them. We'll cover all the options, with an emphasis on blue grama and buffalograss.

Winning Against Weeds
Catherine Moravec, Horticulturist, Colorado Springs Utilities
Controlling weeds is an important part of maintaining a healthy landscape. Learn about practical solutions for short term landscape weed control and long term prevention. We’ll also discuss the times of year to get the best outcome for the time and energy you invest. Don’t let weeds dominate your summer free time any longer!

Plant Select: Smart Plants for the Right Places
Annie Barrow, Ourtreach Horticulturist, Denver Botanic Gardens
Gardening in the High Plains and mountains of Colorado presents a unique set of challenges. Each year, through the Plant Select Program, Colorado State University and Denver Botanic Gardens seek out the best plants for gardens that flourish with less water, thrive in a broad range of conditions and in short, provide more beauty with less work. Learn about the program and the plants that make the cut.

Outstanding Water Wise Plant Combinations
Lisa Pace, Landscape Designer and Water Conservation Specialist, Colorado Springs Utilities
Want to know the secret to creating a beautiful water-wise garden? Well, it's easy. It's all about choosing the right plants and grouping them with other plants that will knock your socks off! Join us for an action-packed presentation full of water wise plant combinations that are sure to make your neighbors envious.

Habitat Heroes: Wildscaping 101
Christine Hubbell, Wildscape Ambassador representing Audubon Rockies and the Colorado Native Plant Society
Christine will demonstrate the importance of restoring our communities, one garden patch at a time. From a birds-eye-view, learn how to create wildlife-friendly gardens that help combat the loss of open spaces and create green corridors that link your wildscape to larger natural areas by providing habitat for wildlife.

Efficiency Expo Open House
Enjoy the Conservation & Environmental Center Efficiency Expo where you can meet with water and energy efficiency experts to learn money saving tips, tour our demonstration garden, experience fun activities, get help with your home and garden questions and enter to win prizes.

Tour of Tough Plants 
We’ll show you what low-water plants look like in their mature form, point out solutions to common landscape challenges and highlight eye-catching plant combinations. Tours will highlight plants in bloom.