Irrigation rebates

Irrigation rebates

Turf to native grass conversion

Installing a more sustainable turfgrass will help cultivate more attractive, healthy, resilient and efficient landscapes in Colorado Springs. Conversion of high water usage turfgrass areas to more resilient and lower maintenance treatments can provide significant water savings. This is also perhaps the easiest and most cost effective water and maintenance reduction option available.

  • Such conversions provide an opportunity for older landscapes to better serve customers and allow them to more appropriately allocate limited resources to higher priority areas.
  • Conversion to a native or alternative turfgrass can yield water savings of up to 80 percent over conventionally irrigated Kentucky bluegrass.
  • Achievement of these savings always depends on having a well trained staff that can monitor and adjust irrigation schedules and long term maintenance activities to maximize the goals of the conversion site. 

This rebate provides qualifying customers with a credit on their water bill for converting existing high-water turfgrass areas to an approved native or lower water using grass. The rebate amount is based on the selected approved grass and area of landscape converted.

We encourage you to use the Seeding Guidelines to help maximize your success with your project.

Flow sensor

A  flow sensor can save a great deal of wasted water and increase your water management capabilities. A flow sensor measures the irrigation water rate of flow for any given zone or zones.

  • This is useful for detecting abnormally high or low flow rates that may indicate a problem such as a leaking valve or broken head.
  • When these problems are detected, it can send an alert to the irrigation technician or property manager that something is amiss.
  • When combined with a master valve, the flow sensor can also shut off the water supply when a problem is detected.
  • The integration of a flow sensor and smart controller will also allow the customer to have a more detailed understanding of where and how much water is being applied to their landscape.

The rebate covers half of the purchase price on the device (and all other peripheral components needed), up to $400.

Smart irrigation controllers

The controllers, which act like a thermostat for your sprinkler system telling it when to turn on and off, use local weather and landscape conditions to tailor watering schedules to actual conditions on the site. Instead of using a controller with a clock and a preset schedule, WaterSense labeled controllers allow watering schedules to better match plants' water needs.

WaterSense qualified smart irrigation controllers can reduce irrigation water use by an average of 16 percent.

Drip conversion

Drip irrigation is a type of highly-efficient irrigation that delivers water from the irrigation pipe directly to the soil at the root zone of the plant. Our new drip conversion rebate returns a portion of the cost of drip irrigation equipment to customers converting high-water use landscaping to low-water use landscaping.

To earn a rebate, you must convert at least one full spray or rotor irrigation zone to drip irrigation.

Qualifying rebate products drip pipe (one-half inch or greater), inline drip pipe (one-half inch or greater), emitters, pressure regulators and filters.

High-efficiency matched precipitation nozzles

These nozzles deliver water much more slowly and evenly than conventional spray heads. The larger droplet size improves sprinkler performance and improves distribution uniformity. This allows water to soak into the landscape so your grass and plants get the water they need, while reducing overall water usage.

High-efficiency matched precipitation nozzles are 20 to 30 percent more efficient than conventional spray heads and can save up to 5 to 10 percent of landscape water use.

Pressure-regulating sprinkler heads with check valves

Eliminate water waste from low head drainage with check valves. They also provide a simple solution for high pressure problems. Pressure regulation minimizes water waste from misting and fogging. These heads can reduce landscape water use by 10 percent.