Renewable energy program

Renewable energy program

Our Renewable Energy Program for Photovoltaics supports and encourages the installation of solar PV generating systems at homes and businesses through net metering. Solar energy helps protect the environment, diversifies our energy supply, creates energy independence and reduces our summer peak capacity requirements.

Business and residential customers are eligible for a $0.10 per watt rebate. Depending on the installation, up to 40 percent of the total system cost could be covered by rebates and tax credits.

Purchasing a home that already has solar? Fill out this form.
Renting a home that already has solar? Fill out this form. 
Apply for a new solar energy net metering system
While we support and provide educational resources to customers who are seeking to use solar energy, we do not partner directly with any solar company. Remember these tips to protect yourself from scams:
  • Do not give your account information to any third party or allow them to access your account.
  • If you have any information about a scam, or have fallen victim to one, report it with your local law enforcement agency.

Eligibility requirements:

  1. You must be a Colorado Springs Utilities electric customer.
  2. Premise must be owned by the customer receiving Colorado Springs Utilities electric service, or in the case of new construction, at a premise titled in the customer’s name.
  3. The minimum system size is 500 watts AC and maximum system size is 10 kilowatts AC for residential and 100 kilowatts AC for commercial systems.
  4. Carefully review the qualification standards in the Terms and Conditions of the application.
  5. All other important eligibility requirements are listed in the fact sheet.

Steps to apply to install:

1. Complete the following items:

2. Submit documents to or
Colorado Springs Utilities
Renewable Energy Rebate Program
2855 Mesa Road, Mail Code 1330
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

3. Once you receive approval, you are eligible for a Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD) plan review in order to receive a permit.

4. PPRBD will contact Springs Utilities to initiate interconnection once all permits are complete and an Electric Service (ES) Inspection has passed.

Steps to receive rebate:

  1. Complete Installation verification form.
  2. Gather all information for final invoice.
  3. Email or mail the verification form and invoice to or
    Colorado Springs Utilities
    Renewable Energy Rebate Program
    2855 Mesa Road, Mail Code 1330
    Colorado Springs, CO 80904 

 Important information for installers: