Community solar gardens

 Community solar gardens


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Community solar gardens are centrally-located solar photovoltaic systems that provide electricity to participating subscribers. They are a simple way to go solar and provide those who are unable or don’t want to add solar panels to their home or business a way to participate in the solar energy revolution.

In 2011 we became the first Colorado utility to open a community solar garden. Under this pilot program, 278 residential and educational customers subscribed to a 0.5-megawatt garden located at Venetucci Farm in Security. This program grew to include four solar gardens with a total capacity of two megawatts with 435 participants.

Our second community solar program launched in 2013 and is open to all of our customers. This two-megawatt array was completed in 2015 and now has 21 residential and four business subscribers.

Currently, all the capacity generated from our community solar gardens is assigned to customers. However, from time to time a participant may leave the program and free up capacity for a new customer to join.

For subscription information for the pilot program (residential and educational institutions only), please contact one of the local providers:

For subscription information for the community solar program open to all customers, please contact this local provider: