Utilities Policy Advisory Committee (UPAC)

Utilities Policy Advisory Committee (UPAC)


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 Audio recordings of past meetings

​Due to technical issues, we do not have audio 
recordings of the Feb. 4 and July 1, 2015 meetings.
 June 3, 2015
 August 5, 2015
 September 2, 2015
 October 7, 2015
 November 4, 2015
 December 2, 2015
 January 6, 2016
 February 3, 2016

The Utilities Policy Advisory Committee (UPAC) is a seven member citizens committee appointed by the Utilities Board. UPAC develops policy recommendations from an informed perspective for consideration by the Utilities Board.

UPAC meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Blue River Board Room on the fifth floor of the South Tower in the Plaza of the Rockies (121 S. Tejon Street). All meetings are open to the public. Citizens are invited to comment during general discussion near the end of each meeting.

2016 Meeting schedule

​January 6 July 6
​February 3 August 3
March 2 September 7
April 6 October 5
May 4 November 2
June 1 December 7


Current assignment: Utilities role in economic development

In November 2014, the Utilities Board directed UPAC to conduct an assignment to determine Utilities’ appropriate role in economic development in our community. UPAC has been meeting monthly to study existing economic development-related policies, strategies, tariffs and regulations. Input from community stakeholders was received during the assignment the committee is currently seeking stakeholder comment on its draft recommendations.

For more detail, see monthly agendas and minutes under “Related links”. Comments on the draft recommendations can be made at the at the February 3, 2016 UPAC meeting.

Month Information Received/UPAC Actions
Nov.-Dec. 2014 ​Received assignment and established scope.
​Jan. 2015 ​Developed the assignment approach, reviewed Utilities’ Strategic Plan and current role in economic development, developed draft stakeholder list.
​Feb. 2015 ​Received information from Infill Steering Committee, drafted stakeholder questionnaire.
Mar. 2015 ​Reviewed stakeholder survey results and development charge comparison to other cities.
Presented assignment update to Utilities Board.
​Apr. 2015 ​Reviewed Utilities’ current economic development toolbox and economic development competitive analysis, reviewed key takeaways from International Economic Development Council Marketing and Attraction Course, received input from a commercial real estate firm and the Regional Business Alliance, reviewed Los Angeles economic development programs.
​May 2015 ​Received report regarding the APPA Economic Development Conference, reviewed the Infill Steering Committee’s utilities-related recommendations, finalized assignment phase 1 recommendations.
Presented phase 1 recommendations to Utilities Board.
June 2015 ​Received feedback from May Utilities Board meeting, reviewed potential economic development tools, discussed upcoming meeting topics and priorities.
July 2015 ​Received input from City Office of Economic Vitality, received an overview from the Regional Business Alliance regarding the RBA/Utilities partnership agreement and deliverables, discussed the principles of Utilities’ role in economic development.
Aug. 2015 ​Reviewed information on tariff and URR items: inactive line reconnection charges, electric undergrounding policy and line extension policy and charges, transfer of unused development charge credit, discussed alignment of UPAC recommendations with Infill Steering Committee recommendations.
Presented assignment update to Utilities Board.
Sept. 2015 ​Received feedback from August Utilities Board meeting, reviewed additional information on tariff and URR items discussed in August, discussed potential economic development toolbox additions.
​Oct. 2015 ​Discussed the definition of infill, discussed economic development guiding principles and Utilities’ policies.
​Nov. 2015 ​Received information on annexations, discussed potential Phase 2 recommendations.
​Dec. 2015 ​Reviewed information on access to Utilities GIS infrastructure data, discussed donation of unused development charge credit to nonprofits, refined Phase 2 recommendations
Jan. 2016 ​Received update from the Infill Steering Committee, discussed staff recommendation on reduced development charge fees for very small lots, finalize Phase 2 recommendations.