Energy vision

 Energy vision

Transforming industry

Over the next 30 years, we will see a significant transformation of the electric utility industry. New technologies will drive more cost-effective renewable energy resources, demand-side management, energy storage and Smart Grid opportunities. At the same time, energy efficiency standards are reducing projected electric sales and environmental regulations are expected to increase. These changes will drive the need to partner more closely with customers as we utilize both customer-owned and Utilities-owned resources to manage power supply and consumption.

This transition requires us to think differently about how we engineer our electric systems, design rates, train our employees and engage with our customers in developing competitively priced solutions for meeting future electric demands that position our community to thrive.

Energy Vision

By 2020:

We will provide 20 percent of our total electric energy through renewable sources with 1 percent from distributed generation sources. Renewable energy goals will be achieved with a maximum bill impact of 1 percent.

We will help customers reduce their electric energy use by 12 percent and reduce electric demand by 12 percent. Reduction goals will be achieved with a maximum bill impact of 2 percent.

Renewable energy goals
We are compliant with the state renewable portfolio standard through 2018 – mostly through renewable energy credits from the Western Area Power Association and our renewable generation. In our diverse portfolio today, 11 percent of our generation is from these renewable sources.

Efficiency goals
Why is efficiency so important? The least expensive electron is the one you don’t use. By reducing our community’s electric consumption, we can delay the need for new energy sources and reduce the use of natural resources. This goal can be achieved through: