Landscape watering makes up nearly half of all residential water use in Colorado Springs and two-thirds of Colorado Springs residents’ water use with an automatic irrigation system.

Irrigation systems provide many benefits to residents, such as convenience and even increased property value. Used properly, this equipment can reduce landscape water use from 5 to 20 percent or more.

Drip conversion rebate

Drip irrigation is a type of highly-efficient irrigation that delivers water from the irrigation pipe directly to the soil at the root zone of the plant. Our new drip conversion rebate returns a portion of the cost of drip irrigation equipment to customers converting high-water use landscaping to low-water use landscaping.

To earn up a rebate, you must convert at least one full spray or rotor irrigation zone to drip irrigation.

Qualifying rebate products include drip pipe (one-half inch or greater), inline drip pipe (one-half inch or greater), emitters, pressure regulators and filters.

Review the drip conversion fact sheet and qualifying products list prior to purchasing products.

Irrigation equipment rebate

Rebates are also available for other irrigation equipment.

  • Wired rain sensor shut-off device: up to $25 rebate
  • Wireless rain sensor shut-off device: up to $50 rebate

The following devices must be from a list of qualifying equipment (click on links).

Important information

  • Review all fact sheets, product lists and applications prior to making purchases. These documents are available using the links on this page.
  • Rebates are available to Colorado Springs Utilities water customers.
  • Customers who are homeowners association (HOA) members: Because the Colorado Springs Utilities water account is in the HOA’s name, the applicant (you) is unable to receive the credit. Instead, the credit from the approved rebate will be applied to the HOA’s utilities account, and you should make arrangements with the HOA for receipt of the credit. To ensure proper processing of the rebate, please complete the rebate credit letter and return it with your application.