Continuing shift to renewables, adding storage

Published: 3/20/2019  3:45 PM
We are finalizing negotiations and, in the coming months, will award a contract for 150 megawatts of new solar generation plus a 25-megawatt battery storage system by the end of 2023. At this time, it is the largest energy storage facility announced ...

Five tips for spring landscape cleanup

Published: 3/20/2019  1:13 PM
​As winter draws to a close, your landscape is beginning to wake up. Even though your plants still look dormant, March is a wonderful time to pull on your gardening gloves and start tackling several yard care tasks. If you do these five things in th ...

APPA Lineworkers Rodeo just one of many ways employee volunteers donate their time to the community

Published: 3/20/2019  9:15 AM
​As more than a thousand competitors and spectators converge on Colorado Springs for the American Public Power Association’s Lineworkers Rodeo on March 30, 115 Colorado Springs Utilities employee volunteers will be working behind the scenes to make ...

From bomb cyclones to rodeo competitions, lineworkers embrace safety, efficiency

Published: 3/19/2019  6:23 PM
​The American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Lineworkers Rodeo is the Olympics of electric linemen – the ultimate test of skill in the profession. Colorado Springs is fortunate to host this year’s event March 29-30. On the heels of the March 12 ...

Lineworkers Rodeo just the beginning for 115 power poles

Published: 3/6/2019  1:57 PM
​On March 30, Colorado Springs will host the American Public Power Association’s Lineworkers Rodeo. The event – which will take place at the Rock Ledge Ranch – will bring in more than 78 lineworker teams, 125 lineworker apprentices, 400 total compet ...

Help us create a bright energy future

Published: 2/15/2019  2:17 PM
Earlier this year I announced our efforts to create a new Energy Vision that proactively and responsibly takes on challenges never seen before in the energy industry. We have been working closely with our Utilities Board and the Utilities Policy Ad ...

Water plant upgrades benefit the community

Published: 2/6/2019  1:32 PM
More than 45,000 hours of work later, we have made excellent progress on our current water treatment plant upgrade.  We began upgrades to the plant in May 2018 and renamed it shortly thereafter. The Mesa Water Treatment Plant, built in 1942, is now ...

Don't Super Bowl blitz your wastewater lines

Published: 2/1/2019  10:24 AM
​Super Bowl gatherings will be everywhere on Sunday and, whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or simply huddling up with friends for a party, you may not even realize all the blitzing and sacking happening off the television. For many, th ...

Saving more than energy in our community

Published: 1/24/2019  3:18 PM
​Today, our CEO Aram Benyamin toured the Energy Resource Center’s (ERC) facility to take a first-hand look at the great work they do in our community every day. (In the picture to the right, Howard Brooks, CEO of the Energy Resources Center, shows B ...

Sledding with bear cubs

Published: 1/22/2019  2:54 PM
​Soft, sleepy groans come from a sedated bear cub. He's on a sled in the snow, being pulled along like a child in a snowsuit, except his snowsuit is all fur and blubber. He is an orphaned black bear cub, one of eight that were rehabilitated over th ...

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Top 5 July 4 holiday safety tips   

Author: Jane  by  Jane Z.  on  6/28/2018

FireworksThe Fourth of July usually means parades, cookouts, swimming and spending time with friends and family. But just because you are letting loose and enjoying the day off of work, you still need to be aware of your and your family's safety on the holiday.

1. Reminder: Burn restrictions are in effect in the City of Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Fire Department Fire Marshal’s burn restrictions are currently in effect to include:

  • No recreational fires, bonfires, open or prescribed burns
  • No smoking in ALL city parks and open spaces

Fireworks: Recreational fireworks are illegal in the City, which includes anything requiring ignition to include: sparklers, snakes, aerials, comets, flares, spinners, missiles, etc. Yes, even sparklers are illegal and prohibited!

The City of Colorado Springs has pockets of El Paso County property where there are fireworks stands to purchase fireworks, but they are illegal in the City. A fire started by fireworks that threatens or damages property is a crime of arson. Possession, use and/or the sale of fireworks is subject to a fine up to $2,500 and/or up to 189 days in jail. If you hear or witness the use of fireworks being used by a neighbor, call 719-444-7000.

Fireworks hospitalize more than 9,000 people each year and 50 percent of fireworks injuries are children under the age of 14. Head to a show and leave fireworks to the professionals!

2. Prevent drowning accidents and deaths

About 1 in 5 people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive ER care for nonfatal submersion injuries.

3. Wear sunscreen!

Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, water resistance and an SPF of 30-50. Re-apply regularly, wear lightweight, long-sleeved clothing, sunglasses and hat protection. According the Environmental Working Group, in 2015 more than twice as many American men died from melanoma as women.

4. Use alcohol responsibly

More beer is sold on July 4 than any other holiday: about 68 million cases! However, it is also the second worst day of the year (after Jan. 1) for fatal traffic accidents. Fifty-one percent of deadly car accidents are alcohol related. Designate a sober driver: A DUI could cost you up to $25,000 and your job.

5. Enjoy the BBQ but grill safely

  • Always supervise a grill when in use
  • Keep pets and children away from grills
  • Keep the grill in the open away from houses, decks and tree branches.
  • According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 9,600 home grill fires were reported annually. The leading causes were a failure to clean the grill properly or using the grill too close to something that could burn.  

Have fun and enjoy Independence Day safely with your family and friends!


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