Water Allocation Plan

 Water Allocation Plan

We are now accepting applications online and through email. We will accept applications in person when our facilities reopen to the public.

Water-wise rules support the wise use of water in our community.

What is a water allocation plan?
A water allocation plan gives customers more flexibility within the water-wise rules. Rather than a three-day limit, it allows you to use a specific amount of water for your landscape from May 1 to October 15. It does not provide “extra” water and you will still need to run sprinklers before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. during this time of year, unless you demonstrate a critical need. All other water-wise rules apply year-round.

Who can apply?
Any customer with a large landscape, complex sprinkler system or soil conditions which make it difficult to follow the three-days-per-week watering rule may apply.

Which sites might benefit from an allocation plan?

  • Sites with multiple meters and controllers.
  • Sites requiring more than 12 hours to water all zones one time.
  • Sites with very sandy soil.

How is the allocation determined?
The water allocation is based on the area of your landscape that is watered regularly. The qualified landscape area is multiplied by 24 inches. The result is the allocation amount.

When are the plans in effect?
Water allocation plans are valid May 1 to October 15 and expire after five years or when water service stops. Watering before May 1 or after October 15 will not count towards your allocation total.