FreeCheck payment optionFreeCheck allows you to pay your utilities bill with free online payments from your bank account. You control when and how much is deducted from the account you enter.

Save time

The FreeCheck service can even store your account information so you don't need to enter it in each time you want to make a payment. If you have several utility accounts that require payment from different bank accounts, FreeCheck can save multiple bank accounts so you simply select the utility accounts that apply to a specific bank account and pay them at once.

FreeCheck also allows you to schedule a payment if you want it withdrawn on a specific date.

Consolidated payments

If you manage multiple accounts, FreeCheck allows you to select all accounts, specific accounts or one account to make a payment. Please note that all the accounts that you manage must be enrolled in eBilling to be paid through FreeCheck.

How do you use FreeCheck?

To use this new service, simply login to My Account at If you are not signed up for eBilling, click on My Notifications and select the eBilling checkbox. If you're already an eBilling customer, simply click the Pay Now link at the left and you'll automatically be directed to the FreeCheck page. It's as easy as that.

When you get your next bill, give our new FreeCheck service a try.