2018 Rates

 2018 Rates

On May 8, 2018, we filed for tariff changes. Mostly administrative in nature, this filing is primarily to ensure consistency in rate schedules and format across all four utility services. Two substantive changes are included with this filing. They are:

1. Accessory Dwelling Units: changes allowing ADUs to choose a residential rate, rather than commercial. 

2. Elimination of the reference to Jimmy Camp Creek basin in light of the recent decision to annex Banning Lewis Ranch.

A public hearing and decision on the tariff changes by City Council is set for June 12, 2018.

Base rates support the operations and maintenance expenditures necessary to continue to provide safe and reliable utility services. Changes to base rates are typically filed in the fall, for implementation January 1, the following year.

These are for infrastructure improvements – the pipes, wires and plants to maintain a safe, reliable utilities system. We also use annual rate cases to realign – if necessary – customer rate classes with the cost to serve those particular customers.

Energy cost adjustments are separate from base rates.  Cost adjustments are the mechanism that is used to pass along changes in fuel costs to customers -- up or down.  We typically file for Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments on a quarterly basis.

To learn more about specific rate classes, energy cost adjustments or our 2018 budget, click on an icon below.  

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