2019 Rates & Budget

 2019 Rates & Budget

On Sept. 11, 2018, we filed the 2019 Rate Case and requested a public hearing date of Oct. 23, 2018 at City Council. The first reading of our proposed 2019 Budget will also occur at the Oct. 23 City Council meeting. City Council will vote on the rate case and budget Nov. 13, 2018.

The rate filing includes proposed changes to water and wastewater rate schedules. There are no base rate changes proposed for electric or natural gas.

Although the proposed 2019 budget is $41.8 million less than our 2018 budget, rate increases are necessary for water and wastewater services to recover the proposed revenue requirement for those services. 
Like many water utilities across the United States, our system is old and in need of ongoing repair and refurbishment. We are conducting condition assessments and facility plans to support long-term asset management goals.

The total proposed base rate bill impact  for the typical, residential customer is an increase of $4.68, or 2.1 percent ($3.80 for water, $0.88 for wastewater).

Customers in the variety of rate classes designed as commercial and industrial (C&I) will also experience changes as their rates are adjusted to be better aligned with the proportionate cost to serve them. Most C&I customers will experience changes to base rates for wastewater and water services.
Customers can use the bill calculator to compute how the proposed changes will affect them.

Energy cost adjustments are separate from base rates. Cost adjustments are the mechanism that is used to pass along changes in fuel costs to customers -- up or down.  We typically file for Electric and Gas Cost Adjustments on a quarterly basis. We will file the fall cost adjustments Oct. 23 for a Nov. 1, 2018 implementation.

To learn more about specific rate classes, energy cost adjustments or our 2019 budget, click on an icon below. 
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