Budget Billing

 Budget Billing

Take the ups and downs out of your bill with Budget Billing.

Budget Billing is a free program that makes it easier to budget your expenses because we spread your payments evenly throughout the year. Budget Billing lessens the impact on your budget during the winter and summer months when utility use is high. So despite unpredictable swings in the weather and your usage, your utilities bills are still predictable.

Budget Billing does not reduce your overall utilities expenses. It simply spreads them out over a 12-month period and lets you know your monthly payment ahead of time. Budget Billing allows you to manage your household budget a whole lot easier.

cell phoneYour meters will still be read monthly so you will never pay more than you use. We will show on your bill the actual utilities used and your current payoff balance (the year-to-date difference between your Budget Billing amount and your actual bill).

We review Budget Billing accounts quarterly.  We compare the amount of utilities used and the amount billed and include any balance or credit remaining on the account.  For any account that has greater than a 25 percent change (up or down), we’ll make an adjustment.

To avoid any surprise changes in your Budget Billing amount, we encourage you to review your usage (available in the My Usage section of your online account) and your payoff balance amount each month. If your bill generated just before your budget was recalculated, you may receive one more bill at your current budget amount before the new payment amount takes effect. Please pay the amount reflected on your monthly Colorado Springs Utilities billing statement.

To find out what your monthly amount would be and to enroll in Budget Billing, log in to My Account and select “Bill/Pay Options” or call 719-448-4800.

Triple your convenience – combine Budget Billing with e-Billing and AutoPay.