Northern Monument Creek Interceptor Project

 Northern Monument Creek Interceptor Project

North Monument Creek Interceptor project

Regional Wastewater Project

Along with six sanitation districts in northern El Paso County, we are developing a plan to build a 10-mile pipeline to transport the participants’ wastewater for treatment at the J.D. Phillips Water Resource Recovery Facility in Colorado Springs.

The proposed Northern Monument Creek Interceptor (NMCI) Project would permit the participants:

  • To comply with state and federal recommendations to consolidate regional wastewater treatment facilities.
  • To spread costs of compliance with increasingly stringent state and federal standards across a larger customer base.
  • To reduce or eliminate some operating costs.
  • To increase efficiency by utilizing already-available capacity at the J.D. Phillips facility.

Routes Under Study
Potential routes travel through the United States Air Force Academy and some private properties. One route would run through the eastern portion of the Academy west of Interstate 25. The other would generally follow the west side of Monument Creek.

Private Property
Current planning does not call for acquisition of entire parcels, but strips of property, or easements, may be needed to install the underground pipeline.

Federal Review
We’re working with the Academy to develop an Environmental Assessment under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The U.S. Air Force will act as the lead federal agency for ensuring NEPA compliance. The NEPA process will take up to 36 months.

Thorough Consideration
Included in the NEPA review are possible impacts on cultural and biological resources such as archaeological artifacts, geology and soils, water resources, wetlands, floodplains, vegetation and wildlife.  Additionally, potential impacts to land use, noise, safety and occupational health, hazardous materials/waste, socioeconomic resources, recreation and air quality will be evaluated.

Potential Project Participants

​Colorado Springs Utilities

Forest Lakes Metropolitan District

Palmer Lake Sanitation District

Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District

​Donala Water & Sanitation District

Monument Sanitation District

Triview Metropolitan District