Utilities Board

 Utilities Board

Citizen owners elect City Council, which also serves as the Utilities Board and, in that capacity, has the responsibility for governing Colorado Springs Utilities.

Local decision making, made possible through community ownership, assures a focus on customer service excellence, competitive rates, high reliability and a relationship with the community that reflects local values.

The Utilities Board generally meets the Wednesday between City Council meetings (which are the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month) at 1 p.m. in the Blue River Board Room on the fifth floor of the South Tower in the Plaza of the Rockies (121 S. Tejon Street).

All meetings are open to the public and streamed live over the Internet. You can also follow meetings on Twitter at the hashtag #ubmtg.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee, in support of the Utilities Board’s fiduciary responsibility, evaluates performance and compliance with Utilities Board policy parameters which include asset protection; financial planning and budgeting; financial condition and activities; financial metrics; financial statements and reports; enterprise risk management; and pricing of products and services. In addition, the Finance Committee analyzes and recommends the annual operating plan and budget; the capital plan; debt issues; and contracts.

Committee members: Bill Murray (Chair), Don Knight, Andy Pico, Tom Strand

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee, in support of the Utilities Board role as trustee for the organization, evaluates performance and compliance with Utilities Board policy parameters which include treatment of staff and recommends compensation and benefits. In addition, the Personnel Committee recommends the performance plans and compensation for the Chief Executive Officer as an appointee of the Utilities Board.

Committee members: Yolanda Avila (Chair), Bill Murray, Tom Strand, Wayne Williams

Program Management Review Committee

The Program Management Review Committee, in support of the Utilities Board’s responsibility of oversight and accountability, reviews major program performance for large programs and reviews compliance with Utilities Board policies.

Committee members: Andy Pico (Chair), Yolanda Avila, Don Knight, Bill Murray, Tom Strand

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee, in support of the Utilities Board’s responsibility to set the strategic direction for the organization, evaluates and recommends the organization’s mission, vision, values and the annual and long-term strategic plans. In accord with Utilities Board policy parameters, the Committee recommends the enterprise performance scorecard and its indicators and targets, which serves as the foundation for annual Utilities Board directed measures of success.

Committee members: Andy Pico (Chair), Jill Gaebler, David Geislinger, Bill Murray, Richard Skorman

Economic Development Sub-Committee

The Economic Development Sub-Committee reviews performance and compliance with Utilities Board policies and guidelines and recommends policies that drive economic development needs and priorities to the Strategic Planning Committee for alignment with vision and to the Finance Committee for impact to the Annual Operating and Financial Plan.

Committee members: Jill Gaebler (Chair), Bill Murray, Andy Pico
Board appointed citizens and customers: Bob Cope, Tammy Fields, Jacob Pruitt, Jariah Walker
Ex Officio member: Jaqueline Rowland, City Auditor